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About Craghoppers

Craghoppers have been making outdoor and travel clothing since 1965 and haven't looked back.  Their mission today is the same as it was them: to harness the latest technologies and create comfortable, practical clothing to keep you comfortable outdoors for longer.  Craghoppers provide clothing for protection in every kind of weather, whether that's pouring rain on a wild mountain side, or beating sun in the scorching desert, or environments where you'll need protection against biting insects and the diseases they transmit.  So if you have wanderlust and want to explore the world around you, then check out our Craghoppers range of clothing. 


Craghoppers began life in a makeshift clothing workshop in Batley in the United Kingdom, back in 1965.  Even back then their goals were big, and as hikers and climbers, it was obvious that outdoor wear for adventures where they’d perish if unprepared, was what they wanted to focus on.  They have been testing their gear all around the world, in the most testing environments, ever since.  Behind every stitch lies 50 years of experience, 50 years of design, 50 years of construction and 50 years of fun.

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